#195/2A, Somji Bhai Nagar, Ambattur.
  • Packaging solutions for medium capacity requirements
  • Automated packaging without operator at high quality
  • With sensors & speed controllers,“easy-to-fit to in-line packaging
  • Excluded Option: Linking conveyor
  • Automatic film transport and tension control
  • Professional perforators to give high accuracy in hole punching
  • Film direction reels to gain 10% advantage in film consumption
  • Trim winder system linear vertical precision for thin flms controls
  • Complete inboard film transport mechanism with lesser space
  • Individual package length adjustment at leading & trailing edges
Technical View
  • Minimized layout requirement by compact single-chassis design
  • Reduced energy & increased safety&esthetic Diamond design
Sealing Performance
  • Heat controlled seal bar with Teflon coating
  • Controlled left and right L bar heating with 1ºC sensitivity
  • Automatic stop control with against package mis-feed
Control System
  • PLC controlled, LCD touch screen operator panel
  • Native languages can be applied
  • Speed controller for product conveying adjustment
  • Parameter saving and recalling feature
  • Optional 2nd vertical or horizontal photocell,
  • Sensor controlled trim breakage control with warning message
  • Warning LCD messages for potential errors cases
  • Package counter & actual throughput & packs/time unit values
  • Integrated Heat Tunnel Properties:
  • Special design in heating room & min.energy consumption
  • Smooth product transfer through the conveyor
  • Adjustable speed of tunnel conveyor
  • Heat adjustment with digital PID control
  • Side air control channels with adjustable flaps & handles
  • Post cooling function to cool down to 70ºC before switch off
  • Self rotating bars for perfect shrunk-finish packages bottoms
  • Powerful shrink Quality with both PE and POF films
  • Excluded Option: conveyor bars rotation control system
  • Excluded Option: Speed Inverter for Air Circulation Fan
  • Excluded Option: PE post-cooling fan at tunnel discharge
  • Excluded Options for Tunnel Conveyor: Wire Mesh Belt, Teflon Mesh Belt or Heat-Proof Plastic Modular Belt
  • ISO 9001 quality standard with the relevant norm’s confirmations
CE Marking
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee for spare part stock
  • After sales support.
  • One year warranty on non-wearable parts