#195/2A, Somji Bhai Nagar, Ambattur.


Model TXR-2480C
Best Inspection Ability 0.4*0.4*0.4mm(SUS304 ball)
0.3*2mm( SUS wire)
1.5 mm (Glass Ball)
1.5 mm(Ceramic Ball)
X-ray Tube MAX.80W/80kV
Max Detecting Height 100mm
Max Detecting Width 240mm
Conveyor Speed 10-45m/min
Screen Full-color TFT 15" Touch Screen
O/S Windows 7
Connectivity LAN port, USB port
Product Management Complete product log
Parameter Adjustment Auto learning/Manual setting
Image Management Auto image save/print/analyses
Power Supply 220V, AC, 50/60Hz
Body Material SUS304
Purification Easy to wash
Cooling Method Industrial Air conditioning
Operation Temperature -10℃-40℃
Operation Humidity 30-90%, no dew
X-ray Emissions < 1microsievert per hour
X-ray Protection soft curtain
Rejecter Sound and light alarm, belt stop
Surface Treatment Mirror polish