#195/2A, Somji Bhai Nagar, Ambattur.
  • Nonstop operation with continuous motion system
  • Dual axis servo motor driven cross sealing,
  • High precision and consistency with cross and side seal
  • Packaging with no length limit
  • Control of film quantity on the 4 sides of packages for saving results
  • Minimized layout requirement by compact single-chassis design
  • Reduced energy & increased safety
  • Touch control panel with color screen
  • Encoder controlled speed & length aware synchronization
  • Easy format change for different package sizes
  • Regular or finger pitch conveyors for feeding can be applied
  • Ergonomic operator panel with most useful hard buttons
  • Up-to-date safety electic and mechanic measures of CE directives
  • Cross and continuous knives with PID controlled heaters
  • Automatic film dispenser with tension control
  • Photocell controlled package distance positioned feeding
  • Automatic length detection option
  • Applicable films :POF,PE,(For PP,OPP,CPP to be confirmed)
  • Applicable film thickness :7-60micron
  • Film sealing under no distortion with non stop and tight operation
  • Up to 15% advantage in film consumption
  • Film tension releasing on the cross-sealing point
  • Trim winder is designed to control very thin films without breakage
  • Height adjustable cross sealer (Optional motorized)
  • Adjustable “Central Sealing” for varied package height applications
  • Native languages can be applied
  • Recipe application with different package dimensions
  • Warning messages for potential emergency cases
  • “Navigation Control” for actual throughput and estimated packs/time units
  • Double seal feature on cross sealer for high thickness or PE material
  • Control of external infeed conveyor through operator panel
  • Vertical photocell to detect thin packages
  • Printed marker registered film detection & application