#195/2A, Somji Bhai Nagar, Ambattur.


  • Two single wound films are placed on to the upper and lower side film carriage rollers
  • Top and bottom motorized film drive and relevant film advance balancer attachments
  • Direct driven infeed belt for automatic infeed
  • Max seal bar height: 400mm
  • Automatic discharge belt until heat tunnel
  • Photo eye control for package infeed
  • Constantly sealer bar to give two seals with a center cut fitted with a cartridge heater
  • Digital temperature controller to give consistency of seal with a thermocouple control
  • Pneumatic cylinder and double heavy duty linear bearings for accurate motion
  • Easy to change rubber and Teflon set on the bottom jaw
  • PLC programmed software for customized inquiries and flexibility
  • Detection sensor against package or hand entrapment
  • Optional holder to keep the package steady during sealing by soft vertical cylinder
  • Maximum height adjustment for the jaw
  • Complete closed housing with limit switch controlled windows for security
  • Perfect tunnel design in heating room insulation and optimized energy consumption
  • Connectable to any shrink packaging line.
  • Smooth product transfer through the tunnel conveyor.
  • Speed controller for conveyor and heat adjustment for powerful shrinkage at PE films
  • Secondary and emergency heat controller for safety regulation
  • Air flow control flaps with handle for shrink tunnel
  • Post cooling switch to cool down to 70ÂșC before switch off
  • Silicon coated tunnel conveyor bars for perfect heat insulation
  • Two layer design heating room to minimize the energy losses
  • Together with standard casters for easy moving
  • Optional wire belt or Teflon mesh belt can be applied upon request